Hey, so this is my web page. As you can see I haven’t done much with it. Here’s the thing, I’m freaking busy and this so-called user friendly WordPress shit is total crap. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. Sure, I can spit out some dribble and make it super lame and sterile, but that’s just not me. Did anyone see my last site? It was magical. Literally had fricken unicorns jumping out of places. So yeah, my standards are a bit high and my techno know-how is sub-standard, to say the least. So this is what you’re getting. At this point I’d just click over to Goodreads if I were you, except there is no available link.* Some day I’ll either learn how to do this or just find someone else to do it for me. Until then, thank you for stopping by.

*So as you can see I made my cousin put in links for me. So yeah, it’s cool. (Thanks Cuz!) I thought about also updating this home page so it was more professional, but instead I just shrugged and went back to writing more awesome books. You’re welcome.