The Waking Dream

Book Cover: The Waking Dream
ISBN: 978-0-9970565-4-9
Pages: 129

The summer after graduation three teens living together in a small town reevaluate their lives as they question their respective futures. Jen reconsiders leaving for college as she battles to break free from her abusive relationships and pines after her emotionally distant and brooding best friend, Gabe. Gabe reels from the loss of his twin sister, Ginger, and struggles to keep the promises he made to her before she died. Noah looks for a new relationship as the secrets from his past begin tearing him apart at the seams. Paths cross and come to a head in this poignant drama about the struggles of breaking free. The Waking Dream will hook you from the first gut-wrenching letter, to the last heartbreaking twist in this stunning novella's reflection on true valor and the burgeoning of the soul.

Publisher: MmHmm Books
Reviews:Catherine on Goodreads wrote:

"It was a great story with a few twists and turns that had me surprised, especially the ending. The element of surprise was great and it kept me immersed in the story in order to find out what happened to these characters. At first I was a bit confused about it's direction, but once I caught on, I liked the concept. My favourite part were the letters that Gabe wrote to his late sister describing his feelings about their relationship and his current situation; it was touching and made me like him more."

Faith Maks on Goodreads wrote:

"There are actually a number of lessons I learned from the book, especially about being true to yourself and that no dream is too small."

Andrea on Goodreads wrote:

"A very sweet narration from teens in a small town dreaming and trying to fight against themselves... their own monsters."

Erica Mae Campos on Goodreads wrote:

"...the story is beautiful in its own way. It showcases how friendship is really powerful and that you should always be ready and not hold back from chasing your dreams."

Yolisa on Goodreads wrote:

"I always enjoy reading Sage's books. You can never quite figure out how the story ends."

Prolific Bokang Nyathi on Goodreads wrote:

"Such an inspirational book, it awakens the sleeping giants in us and its a volume packed with humor, thrill and motivation, great for parents and teens."

Kerstin Vollbrecht on Goodreads wrote:

"This is a very emotional story about dealing with loss, abuse, unrequited love, toxic relationships and a seemingly hopelessness, narrating from the very eyes of the main characters. The plot is well developed and with each chapter, the reader begins to understand more and more about certain actions of the involved characters, whose descriptions are very lively. It has been a moving read."